Your home, your piece of paradise..

There’s something about being by the beach or in nature that instantly makes you feel relaxed like all your worries have disappeared and just being in that moment of peace and tranquility.

If you think getting that tropical/coastal vibe in your home is hard to get think again, we have a few tips to help you create your own little piece of paradise. You don’t have to live at the beach or in a rainforest to create that relaxed vibe in your home, you can instantly transport yourself to your favourite location simply by bringing in items such as tropical style plants in woven baskets or neutral coloured pots (whether that be real or faux), textured rugs, natural pieces such as timber or rattan and lots of soft furnishing.

Think comfort, your home is your sanctuary and when you get home after a long day why shouldn’t you be able to feel that you’ve been transported to your slice of paradise. Choose a mix of comfy, casual and carefree pieces that will last through different trends and styles. Add accessories such as trays, lanterns, garlands and candles to help add softness and style and always mix old with new, one thing i’ve learnt is that you can pretty much DIY anything in your home. So if your looking at your coffee table or console thinking it needs to go but you really can’t afford a new one research DIY tips on repurposing items you would be surprised what people redo. The possibilities are endless, do a quick search on Pinterest or enter DIY into Instagram you will be amazed what you will find i love seeing what people refurbish and remember the world is your oyster.

Enjoy making your home your own slice of paradise.