Wick Trimmer - Gold
Wick Trimmer - Gold - Instyle Concepts
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Wick Trimmer - Gold

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So you have a beautiful candle, and you wonder whether a candle wick trimmer is just for candle connoisseurs or if it has another purpose.

Excellent question!

Candlewick trimmers do the following:

  • Extend burn time for candles
  • Give you a beautiful looking flame, compared to making it mushroom out around the blackened wick
  • Untrimmed candlewicks have a duller flame when they are burning, and give off less light
  • They keep your beautiful glass jars free of black scorch marks, making them perfect to reuse after the candle is finished in a decorative way around the house

Candle Wick Trimming Tips

Never trimmed a candle before?  No problem.  Here are some well-lit tips for you!

  • Trim before each use
  • Trimming your Candle Wick at Room Temperature is a wise move
  • NEVER trip a wick while burning; blow it out and let it cool down if you forgot to trim it
  • Trim to about 1/4 inch or half a centimeter